Grammas Back Door

Grammas Back Door - Rest In (Musical) Pieces

Grammas dead, and her back door is cold and dark, shut tight. She's passed on. This old bird is no more. Ceased to be. She's expired and gone to meet her maker. She's a stiff. Bereft of life she rests in musical pieces.

The music, zombie-like. still wanders the Internet looking for brains to chew:

WARNING: This website contains mature and immature themes and language. Due to author indiscretion, reader discretion is advised.

What was Grammas Back Door?

Grammas Back Door was reminder of a simpler time, and child-like naïveté (or naivety, if your browser is unilingual). It represents a warm, safe place, free from concerns like proper spelling and use of the apostrophe in the possessive case.

But there was a dark side to Grammas Back Door, a threshold where the innocence of youth met the bitter experience of age. A lot of things came and went through Grammas Back Door over the years, and not all of them were pretty or pleasant.

Grammas Back Door was also the name of a musical project that sometimes captured the dark humour of this duality (and other times does not). Grammas Back Door songs cover a wide variety of musical styles, from polka to punk, performed unplugged or plugged, many done with humour and some with more severity than we could muster most days.

Curious? Then listen to a song, browse the Discography for song listings and lyrics, take a look behind the scenes inside Grammas Back Door, or find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions in the GBD FAQ.

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