Grammas Back Door - Songs

Grammas Back Door Songs

There are so many ways to enjoy Grammas Back Door, how can you choose? We've picked some of the best, and some from a variety of categories, and put them here for you to try. If you like what you hear, check out the discography for more, or if you really want it, there is a complete alphabetical song list.

The Cream of the Cream

I Like Women The signature GBD song, because, well, we do. This starts out acoustic, but plugs in for some solid rock.
Emma You'll never hear a more angst-ridden polka than this, no matter how many Oktoberfests you go to. You can laugh where I once cried.
I Know I Don't Know  This unplugged version of the original angry version is both sour and bitter.
That Was Now Sometimes Gramma is pure pop, but you know, relationships still seem to figure into it.
Cashmere Is your partner screwing around? Take a (guitar) lesson from Gramma and you'll see the bright side.

Love Gone Bad

It's a common theme for Gramma, but loving often leads to love gone (or going) bad. If it's angst (sometimes with a smile) you're after, you can find it in Anecdoting (Over You), I Remember, Beelzebitch (Ballad for a Rich Man), Lies, [Your Name Here], and plenty of others.


Lots of GBD songs fall squarely in the Pop/Rock category, and not all of them are bitter, at least not completely. Check out If I Woke Up, HWY 69, Lone Star Stomp, I'm an Oak, and A Symbol to Ride, for instance.


Whether we like it or not, some Grammas Back Door tunes fall squarely into the Novelty category: Emma, #1 With a Bullet, Bad Bunny Blues, PHIL 101, Whither Flower Child?, and Animals and Their Mating Songs, to name but a few.